Multiсryptocurrency payment platform for businesses, consumers and community


Total raised:
Pre-ICO sold out
Pre-ICO sold out
75 000 000 COP
COP tokens sold


We create global infrastructure that will allow to use cryptocurrencies as means of payment. Our goal is millions of CopPay virtual terminals installed and functioning around the world. CopPay makes it simple for merchants and service providers to become a part of growing cryptocurrency economy and attract new clients.

CopPay is designed for

Retail Business

Ideal for retail, allowing you to expand the ways of accepting payments in your store and attract the cryptocurrency holders

eCommerce Stores

Effective for e-commerce, works with the most popular cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other)

In-app payments

It’s necessary for companies that use mobile applications
Allow cryptocurrency holders to use cryptocurrency as a mean of payment
Help merchants accept any traded cryptocurrencies with zero transaction fees
Minimize the risk of cryptocurrency volatility for merchants by allowing them to exchange it for fiat money in real time


Start using CopPay right now!

We developed an alpha version of the CopPay payment gate and started testing it in real business in Belarus, Lithuania, Chile and other countries. Now via CopPay customers can pay with Bitcoin, Ether, Dash, Nem, Steemit. Merchants are able to get fiat money to their account quickly without any processing fee.

The development team is working hard to improve all aspects of CopPay solution. Right now we are working on new features, design and usability of CopPay payment gate.

We would be very grateful for your feedback. We believe that with the help of active community of cryptoentrepreneurs CopPay will become the best solution of cryptopayments for business and customers all around the world.

More than 100 businesses already use CopPay! Join us!
Why CopPay
Traditional payment solutions like bank transfers and payments with banking cards have significant drawbacks: high
commission rates up to 7%, time-consuming money transfer to the bank account. More over, they are centralized.
It creates threats of blockings and defaults. CopPay solves all these problems!
Any merchant installs a payment platform on PC, tablet, mobile phone or on PoS terminal. Installation is simple and does not require special knowledge. It can be used also via web-service.
Registration and
After installation it is necessary to register and pass a simple authentication procedure
and payment
In a few clicks the merchant creates an invoice that a consumer pays for with the help of his wallet with a 2% commission of the purchase amount
Exchange of
for fiat money
After confirmation of payment a real-time exchange of cryptocurrency takes place. All merchants are insured against the volatility of the exchange rate
of funds
The merchant quickly receives the fiat money at his bank account and continues to develop his business
No expenses for installation, maintenance and payment for transactions
No banks and intermediaries. Only your client and you. There are no boundaries. All payments are made within minutes
Cryptocurrency gets into a cold electronic multi-cryptocurrency wallet. All funds belong only to the merchant

CopPay Additional services

CopPay platform is designed to create an ecosystem for implementation of various financial and non-financial services.
Also it makes a base for usage of COP tokens.
Businesses and their customers will be able to use the additional services created around CopPay payment gate.


The wallet accepts multiple cryptocurrencies

Own reputation system

The higher the reputation of the merchant, the more clients received

Bonus program

The program created by merchants and available for buyers through their CopPay wallet

Warranty receipts

Scanning via QR-code to confirm and record the detailed transaction history

Accounting system integration

Bridging CopPay directly with third party accounting software enabling easier account keeping

СopPay (COP) Token Sale

To start, develop and enable any participant of the crypto-ecosystem to take part in CopPay project, COP tokens will be issued. CopPay issues a fixed amount of 2,325,000,000 COP tokens. COP is qualified as a Utility Coin

We accept: ETH BTC
ICO date:
30 oct - 30 Nov
Token Symbol:
Total token supply:
1 250 200 000
Price per token:
10 ETH = 190 000 COP
Tokens distribution
  • Pre-ICO (3%)
  • ICO (54%)
  • Core Team, Advisors
    and Rewards (43%)
Funds distribution
  • Technical
    development (50%)
  • Marketing and
    Sales (20%)
  • CopPay fund (10%)
  • Operations (10%)
  • Legal and
    Regulation (10%)
COP tokens benefits
  • COP voucher eligibility
  • Payments for CopPay additional services are only in COPs


January 2017

Two blockchain enthusiasts came up with an idea to start accepting cryptocurrency in stores in Belarus

June 2017

Alpha-version of CopPay’s virtual terminal was created and installed in TYREPLUS, a Minskbased tire retailer which already accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Steem and Golos coins

August-September 2017

CCopPay launches a Pre-ICO and continues product development. Pre-Alpha version is installed in several more shops in Belarus and Chile. Alpha version is completed

IV Quarter 2017

CopPay ICO. Launch of cryptocurrency exchange for fiat money. CopPay becomes available in Germany, Holland, and the Baltic countries. Incorporation in Zug, Switzerland

I Quarter 2018

CopPay enters several other Western European markets

II Quarter 2018

The CopPay blockchain is up and running. The company establishes a presence in Asia. Exchange 2.0 launches

III Quarter 2018

CopPay develops a marketplace for retail terminal services. The company launches formally in South America

IV Quarter 2018

CopPay continues to increase the scale and growth of its network turnover. The company launches in African and North American markets


We continue to develop a CopPay ecosystem for a wide range of financial services using smart contracts

Who We Are

Vladimir Serzhanovich

Co-founder, Сhairman of the board of directors

19 years is successfully engaged in business. He created projects in retail and service sectors from scratch. Successful entrepreneur since 1998. Venture investor. The founder of the blockchain laboratory Consensus Lab, the blockchain school, the blockchain hackathon, etc. In CopPay project is actively engaged in attracting investment, building a team and business processes

Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Co-founder, member of the board of directors

Has developed a proprietary methodology of management. Has received 20 honorary doctorates from Universities in ten countries. Dr. Adizes is founder and president of the Adizes Institute, based in Santa Barbara, California, an international consulting company that applies the Adizes Methodology for clients in the public and private sectors

Ina Samovich

Co-founder, CEO

Graduated from Florida International University, School of Business Administration, Finance. Holds a Master of Business Administration degree from Kozminski University. 10 years of experience in company's operational and financial management. Participated in structuring and conducting the sale of companies to investors

Timur Kornienko

Co-founder, CTO

Programmer. Education: Minsk College of Entrepreneurship, Information Systems and Technologies in Economics of BSUIR. Organization and participation in various projects in the National Bank of Belarus settlement center: automated cash-processing system, inter-bank information exchange system, implementation of blockchain technology in banking operations

Pavel Kazachonok

Co-founder, CMO

7-year business experience: Co-founder and CEO of companies with expertise in digital marketing for large local and global brands. Key competences: digital-project management, development and implementation of marketing strategies. Education: Minsk Innovation University - marketing in a digital environment, Mercuri international business school, IKRA — School of Interactive Communication - Strategy, creativity and media in digital, University of Pennsylvania - Course on gamification and other

Pavel Zametniy

Product designer

8 years experience, focusing on Interactive experiences and Apps. Co-Founder of Jazzpixels design studio. Worked as Product designer on dating startup in Prague, Czech Republic for 1 year together with multi-cultural team, after it was sold to the East, Pavel relocated to Minsk and joined #1 Financial startup in Belarus founded by Victor Prokopenya – “exp(capital)” in a role of Senior UX/UI designer

Viktor Suzdaltsev

Financial analyst

Key competences: finance, operations, project management. Education: Belarusian State Economic University, Finance; Master’s degree from Warszawska Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomiczna im. Edwarda Wiszniewskiego, in Management, Accounting and Taxation. Course of Machine Learning - Stanford University. Work experience: 12 years of top management in Banking

Alexey Dubrov

IT & Security Expert

Belarusian State University, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, Computer Security speciality. IT specialist with 11 years of experience. Participating in various projects as software developer and lead software developer. Banking software, web projects, back-end development for mobile and web applications, Multitenant SaaS applications.

Scott Malsbury

ICO and Development Expert

Along with previous proven Fintech ICO adivisory experience, he has over 20-year expertise in internationally Senior Business management roles for the world’s largest oil companies and providers both on and offshore. Has big experience with multi billion dollar projects throughout Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe from design through to turn key completion and handover. Now he decided to dive into Finance and Cryptocurrency investment taking a senior management role for CopPay.


Garrett MacDonald


Founded first million dollar startup solo at 16. Extremely knowledgable regarding Bitcoin and Blockchain technology. Founder of and advisor to bitcoin & blockchain companies such as Cognitive Mining, Abdera Ventures, Energy Web Foundation etc.

Jay Best


Dr. Best is an expert and advisor in cryptocurrency payments and payroll, decentralized applications, tokens and data security. He was nominated Top Crypto Strategist UK 2017 and is a seasoned C-level executive and board member. After pioneering deep learning on GPUs at MIT, Dr. Best became a leading expert in the cryptocurrency payments and payroll space, driving innovation and harnessing cryptocurrency payments to eliminate chargebacks and fraud, save cost and maximize profits.

Elie Galam


A mathematician, Elie is Chief Investment Officer of the Eastmore group, a New York based hedge fund that uses algorithms to find arbitrage opportunities in financial derivatives. Prior to Eastmore, he was a Portfolio Manager for Two Sigma investments, a 40 Billion dollars quantitative hedge fund. Elie received a Masters in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.

Remigio Bongulielmi


A citizen of Switzerland, contributing member of Crypto Valley, Association passionate about helping companies grow into digital, leaner, and agile organizations through blockchain-led transformation, and dedicated to advising startups on ICO strategy and Tokenomics.

Rui Dong


Strong coding skills, data analysis and automation of reporting processes. Double major in Actuarial Science and Psychology from Western University. Full Stack Developer at Bitmaker.

Alexander Ermakovich


Experience: 20 years in the software development industry for the banking sector. Expert in the field of e-Banking (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Multy OMNI channels, Front Solutions).

Arthur Pinchuk


IT Solution Architecture, 15 years of IT expertise, hundreds of successfully completed web and mobile projects , blockchain and cryptoeconomics specialist.

Mark Van Roon


He is a proven serial inventor and product developer with 25+ years’ experience in Fintech related business. Mark is the founder of a number of companies such as BuyFX Ltd, an FX service delivery company which is now under the umbrella of Midpoint []. Since 2013, Mark has focused his attention on digital value and data transfer solutions and is the Founder and Head of Product Development for Abacas Digital Assets Ltd. an initiative to construct an unopinionated DEX for the exchange of ABCs, the native token supporting digital assets using the Ethereum platform.



Oct 27, 2017


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