We’re Сreating a World where all Human Needs will be Satisfied using Cryptocurrency

Co-founder, Member of the Board of Directors.

“Crypto currency today is very speculative. People are buying and selling but they are not part of the world economy yet. However, if somebody comes up with a solution that allows people to use the bitcoin to buy a television, to buy a car, to buy a room in a hotel. Right now, we don’t have that capability. It is not so easy to convert cryptocurrency into cash. You can, but it’s not so easy because of the volatility of their price. CopPay has come with a solution to that problem — peer-to-peer transaction in real time, no banks involved.”

The multicryptocurrency payment platform CopPay was developed by the blockchain laboratory ConsensusLab.
We are a team consisting of experienced high-level specialists in the fields of software development, business management and marketing. We provide services in engineering, cyber-security and web-design.

Our team

Vladimir Serzhanovich

Co-founder, Сhairman of the board of directors

Ichak Kalderon Adizes

Co-founder,member of the board of directors

Ina Samovich

Co-founder, CEO

Timur Kornienko

Co-founder, CTO

Alexey Dubrov

IT & Security Expert

Alexandr Ermakovich

Product architector

Elizaveta Shmygova


Arthur Pinchuk


Viktar Suzdaltsau

Financial analyst

Marina Karnievich

Support, communication specialist